More and more people are sensing something out of the ordinary. No you’re not going crazy, no you’re not having a mid-life crisis, no you’re not alone. What you are more than likely feeling is an emergent Awakening. 

It has been defined by Steve Taylor as: expansion and intensification of awareness, in which our state of being, our vision of the world and our relationship to it are transformed, bringing a sense of clarity, revelation and well- being. “

I have learned that when this occurs its best to accept and embrace it but yes it does help to understand it and even better to have someone help you through it. 

The thing is….its actually part of an even bigger Global Awakening which is why the world seems to be going crazy!

In summary, we are all going through a change which is an evolution in consciousness and it is growing in intensity which is why we are seeing so much turmoil in the world.

 We are all being pushed to step up and be who we were meant to be – which is our Authentic Self. Not that person we have been told we should become or the person we have convinced ourselves we are to become but the true unconditioned you.

There is a paradigm shift occurring with a systemic collapse in world systems. All of this is forcing us all to re-evaluate life and living. We are evolving, and our consciousness is forcing us to take a step back and reflect on the true nature of reality. What is real? Who am I? How does it all work? How do I fit into it all?

In my Sirius Awakening program I share my Awakening experience and explain what I learned about the truth about who you really are, what the world is really about and what is the underlying force that is behind everything and everyone.

 Want to know more?...

 Imagine learning the truth about you and the world around you. To know, who you are, who you are supposed to become, and what your life purpose is. Well that’s the blessing that I received and it changed my life. I believe I can help you get there also by sharing what I share in Sirius Awakening.

Things are always changing but we are now going through a radical shift. The way things worked in the past, the thinking that got us to where we are, the global systems we have come to know as normal are all crumbling and becoming defunct.

The Paradigm shift is happening within us and being witnessed outside of us in the external world as turmoil.

Ronan Rooney presents a clear understanding of the laws govering our world and determining our reality in a way that is easy to understand                and apply to everyday life.

          Dr Deepak Chopra

 It’s hard to take in but in Sirius Awakening I will share with you how I transformed my life in what most would describe as a miracle. I was in a career I hated, in medicated depression, personally insolvent, hating life and not very loving around those who loved me.

My life was changed and I am now loving my career, happy and healthy, debt free and living a totally fulfilling life committed to sharing this with as many people as I can.

My mission in life is to help people to recognise their Authentic Self, have the courage to embrace the change and inspire them to be the best expression they can be.

I want for you to stop getting through life and start living life and I believe I can show you how.

I feel re-energized and hungrier to take on the challenges facing me. It has given me clarity in what I need to do to achieve my potential and the tools to get to my potential.

          Ed Corless Director Red Mills

In Sirius Awakening I will bring you through four stages explaining and personally sharing along the way:

  • You are more than you think you are
  • The world is more than you think it is
  • Reality is the Universal expressed through you
  • Your purpose is to Express your Authentic Self

 It doesn’t mean you have to leave your partner, your career, your material assets. The shift can be modest or radical depending on your life. What I will show you is that I learned there is a way to be the best expression you can be in every role that you play and enjoy success in each and every one without compromise.

Ronan Rooney moves beyond the traditional personal development and coaching techniques and delivers a powerful set of tools for achieving fulfillment in work, life and every area of your life. Overall an amazing program which can be applied immediately and works..

          Gene Browne CEO CityBin

In Sirius Awakening I will share with you some of the most amazing synchronistic events that happened to me that most would call miracles. To many they were and still are miracles but to me I know they were just the life I had forgotten to live. I let it go too far ending up in depression, insolvency, and a loveless life before I woke up. I want to help you wake up well before that.
So what will you learn? What on earth can I tell you that could change your life for the better and forevermore? 

Here’s my promise….

I will help you find your true authentic self by sharing how I found mine.

I will teach you how the world works and share how I used this to create the life I love and was meant to live.

I will reveal what I learned about the true nature of reality from the origins of spirituality, the ancient sages and the modern quantum physicists to realise you’re an integral part in the greater universal plan.

I will inspire you and give you the courage to embrace and express your true authentic self by sharing my journey and all I have learnt.

Sirius Awakening incorporates the philosophy of ancient traditions, advances in personal development, discoveries in quantum mechanics, consciousness studies and the evolution of Transpersonal Psychology.

Ronan has done an amazing job. In my quest for a quieter happier life with focus Ronan has given me the inspiration I need to restart the journey and the understanding of how I can achieve. I highly recommend this.

          Paul Murphy MD EclipseBiz

I will help you to understand Consciousness and expand your Awareness so that you see yourself, the world around you and the essence of life from a whole new perspective which transformed me to embrace life fully. 

Delivered in a personalized format I share the experiences I have had and how I have applied all of this material in a way that has let me find and live my perfect life. I use a variety of ways to share this with you including specific techniques, personal stories and inspiring video and audio content.

I am not perfect, far from it!

I am striving to be the best expression of my Authentic Self. I don’t always succeed but I accept those moments I stray off course are there only  to remind me of how wonderful life is when I am on course.

Let me be my Authentic Self by sharing with you my story, what I learned and how I changed my life in the application of it all.

The goal of my authentic self is to help you realise and express yours…..

Let me help you remember the amazing person you are that is bursting from within trying to express itself.

All you need ask yourself is…Do I want to know who I really am and who I am to become and how to do that? See you soon!

A really terrific program. Discovered many things about me and my prejudices, how to alter my conditioning and free up my mind to go after my goals in a fearless way.”

          Gary Caulfield MD Diginet Ireland

This is Your Opportunity to:

  • Understand the paradigm shift that’s occurring and how to manage the change
  • Discover the Evolution we are experiencing to Our Collective Consciousness
  • Master your intellect and thought patterns
  • Re-Discover Who You Really Are and how the World Really Works
  • Learn the Ultimate Truth to Reality
  • Recognize the correlation between the Ancient Vedic Teachings and Modern Quantum Science
  • Realise the importance of integrating the Ultimate Truths into everyday life


Initially, graduating with a BA Degree in Philosophy & Applied Math Ronan began a career in the Property & Real Estate Industry which spanned over 23 years. He continued his interest in Philosophy, Consciousness and the Transpersonal studying with some of the greatest leaders in the world including Deepak Chopra and Robin Sharma.


Ronan Rooney
Sirius Life Ltd
Victoria House, Eyre Square, Galway City Centre, Ireland
+35391567391 | +35387251918
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